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A Bit About Cloud Chasing

If you haven't been living under a rock, you might have heard about electronic cigarettes or vaping devices by now, even if you didn't purchase one for yourself yet. Many people finally forgot about smoking and went on vaping.

Some of them took things to a whole new level and are into cloud chasing. Is cloud chasing what the name indicates? Not really, but it has to do with that a bit.

When you vape using a very powerful device, you can exhale huge vapors. This can create several shapes that people can have fun with. People started competitions among friends to see who can create the biggest cloud out of vapors. This competition is called Cloud Chasing. Some die-hard enthusiasts see it as some kind of sport.

Basically, Cloud Chasing is all about inhaling vapors and exhaling them to blow big clouds. It might seem easy, but it actually takes practice. As long as you have the right vaporizers and e-juices, things only get down to your skills of holding the vapor in order to produce as much of it as you can.

This is a practice used by advanced vapers. Learn More About Vaping at and see how everything starts and you can try it yourself. For most individuals it all started as a game among friends, but some of them enter professional competitions and compete against high level cloud chasers. Click here to Visit and to start vaping. You can get the hang of it soon and impress your friends too.

Though products are important, Cloud Chasing also involves breathing techniques and practice. You can either learn all of these by training with a mentor who knows better, by watching YouTube videos or by practicing yourself and polishing your skills on your own.

While you are getting better at it, you can admire the fellows who already master the art of Cloud Chasing. Browse and see whether there are any contests in your city. There you can also meet other vapers, share experiences and learn more from seasoned vapers.

Whether you want to try it yourself and become a Cloud Chaser or not, Cloud Chasing is interesting to see. It might not be an actual sport, but it is something that you can fun with in a competitive and smoke-free environment. Anyway, it promotes a healthy alternative to smoking and it attracts current smokers to try something that pumps your adrenaline. This is far better than gambling with your health.

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